About Us

We are anonymous healthcare professionals. The reason we are anon is because we believe that the merit of what we say and offer is the most important aspect; rather than useless degrees and credentials.


Kobra works in athletics and specializes in sports medicine. He has worked in all levels of athletics including pro football and pro baseball over the last 10 years. His greatest area of expertise is in acute management of all injuries as well as concussions/head trauma. His goal is to get you healthy and back to competition as fast as possible while minimizing reinjury risk


Bengal is a physical therapist with a decade of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. He also knows his way around a weight room as most of his continuing education comes form the world of strength and conditioning. That experience makes him an expert in working around an injury as well as the long term management of chronic conditions. Being a patient sucks, so his goal is to get you out of that phase ASAP and back to doing the things you love.