Achilles Inflammation? How To Fix It.

Achilles tendonitis can be extremely obnoxious and painful. This can be a difficult injury to train through/around. I’ll show you how to fix Achilles inflammation below. If you think you have a strained calf muscle, click here or if you think you may have torn your Achilles, click here before reading.

What Are The Best Ways To Treat Achilles Inflammation?

To treat Achille’s tendonitis, you should focus on exercises that isolate the triceps tendon. A tendon is isolated the same way its connected muscle is. The way to treat Achille’s tendonitis is to load the tendon (source); isometrically and isotonically as well as increase blood flow via scraping. The treatments are as follows:

  1. Heavy isometrics
  2. Weighted calf raises
  3. Scraping (Graston, IASTM)

Heavy Isometrics For Achille’s Inflammation

  • Achille’s tendons love isometrics
  • Isometrics allow the tendon to be overloaded in a safe position
  • 3 sets of 30 seconds
  • 2x a day, separated by at least 6 hours
  • This should be difficult, 8/10
  • Should also be heavy

Calf Raises

  • Now we need to strengthen the Achilles
  • Use a platform so full ROM can be used
  • 3×12 reps
  • Pause at very bottom of rep
  • Use weight
  • Add reps before increasing weight


  • The Achille’s tendon has poor blood flow
  • Scraping will improve blood flow as well as encourage proper collagen alignment
  • Scrape for 3-5 minutes per day
  • Perform this 3x a week
Scraping the Achilles can improve blood flow and help treat Achilles Inflammation

Treating Achille’s tendonitis is a simple, not necessarily easy task. Load the tendon as much as tolerable and improve circulation to the area. The issue should resolve in a few days/weeks. Remember, you did not develop this condition overnight so the fix will follow a similar timeline.

If you suffer from Achille’s inflammation, there is a chance you’ve dealt with or are currently dealing with plantar fasciitis. Learn how to treat that here.