BPC 157 Benefits

BPC 157 is one of the 2 primary wound healing peptides; TB 500 being the other. There are numerous BPC 157 benefits that we will dive into in this post.

This peptide is one of the most effective tools there is when it comes to regenerative medicine. For a brief overview on how peptides work, read this post first.

What Is BPC 157?

BPC (Body Protection Compound) naturally occurs in the stomach of humans. The primary function of BPC 157 in the stomach is to keep the stomach lining intact (source) from stomach acids. This function is what lead to research to understand additional BPC 157 benefits.

BCP 157 works via stimulating vascular growth factors. This causes the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). It also upregulates many other growth factors, stimulating fibroblast production and collagen. The benefits of BPC 157 will be laid out below.

What Are BPC 157 Benefits?

  • Neuroprotection – BPC157 can repair nerve damage and has been shown to reduce depression rates. Additionally, there is also some date that it can help repair spinal cord damage in rat models.
  • Improved blood flow – BPC 157 improves blood vessel recruitment. It promotes angiogenesis by improving VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). This is a fancy way of saying it makes more blood vessels
  • Blood pressure regulation – Improved nitric oxide (NO) pathways in the body. NO causes the blood vessels to expand, which can lower blood pressure
  • Pain relief – Studies show that local injection of BPC 157 can reduce pain. This is likely a result from reducing chronic inflammation
  • Improved healing – Angiogenesis improves blood flow to the injured tissue. This increase in blood and oxygen speeds up the healing process.
  • Increased energy – Improved nitric oxide (NO) pathways in the body. NO improves blood flow to the muscles. There is a reason almost all pre workouts include NO in some capacity. This increases energy as a secondary effect
  • Liver protection – BPC 157 has been shown to protect the liver from adverse effects of NSAIDs. Learn more about why those are dangerous here.
  • Muscle and tissue growth – BPC 157 stimulates growth hormone receptors. This in turn can lead to stimulation of new tissue in the tendons, bone and muscle.

The BPC 157 Benefits We Care About

Naturally, the 2 we care about, and probably the reason you’re here, are improved healing and pain reduction. These are the most applicable benefits in the sports medicine and rehab world and why we have such an interest in BPC 157.

The clinical data on BPC 157 benefits all involve using the peptide administered locally. The injection works better when done as close to the injury as possible. There is not data that shows it cannot be used systemically, however, the studies have all used local administration.

BPC 157 benefits

BPC 157 Side Effects

There have been minimal side effects reporting in humans from using BPC 157. However there are some to note:

  • Injection site soreness/infection risk
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating
  • Light headedness

Is BPC 157 Safe?

The FDA has yet to fully evaluate BPC 157 for safety.

That being said, in all published research to date, there have been minimal reported side effects. A review of clinical trials shows that BPC 157 is safe for treating inflammatory bowel disease and wound healing. Additionally, BPC 157 prevents side effects from other medications (source).

How To Experience BPC 157 Benefits

Where To Buy

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How To Use


We will not provide a step by step guide on how to use BPC 157 or properly reconstitute it. We provide info on what is needed. It will be up to you to figure out the rest. The following is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only

Equipment Needed

The following list is what you need to get started:

  • 10 mL Bacteriostatic water
  • Insulin syringes (1cc/mLx29g) – 100x
  • Alcohol prep pads – 200x
  • BPC 157 5mg vial – 2x


The most agreed upon general consensus for dosing BPC 157 is 250mcg/day. The most effective route of administration is via sub cutaneous injection.

A sample protocol would look somewhat as follows:

  • 250mcg/day
  • At this dose, the above mentioned 10mg BPC 157 would last 40 days roughly
  • Study duration would last between 4 and 6 weeks
  • BPC157 is not “cycled”. It is used until the injury resolves or you run out

In summary

BPC 157 benefits are many, the most important being wound healing and pain reduction as it relates to us in the rehab world.

Although the benefits seem incredible and promising, remember that human consumption of BPC 157 is purely for research purposes only.