Daily Mobility Routine

Every expert tells you you need to be doing a daily mobility routine, mostly so they can sell you their product. Most routines are super complicated and require some recurrent subscription. Here’s some of my favorite mobility routines you can do at home, and I’ll give you access to our 1-week guide to get your mobility habit started.

3 Daily Mobility Routines you can do ANYWHERE

Any good routine will include the hips, upper back, and shoulders. These are usually the tight spots in most people, especially since sitting is so common.

Here are 3 of our favorites.

Daily Mobility Flow #1: Squat and Reach + Lateral Plank Walk

For the squat and reach, its okay to elevate your heels, especially if you have long legs/are tall. This will

  • maximize hip mobility
  • keep you upright
  • maximize upper back mobility

Here’s an example of how to elevated the heels. Anything works, just make sure its firm.

Flow #2: Spiderman lunge with reach + hamstring rocker

The Spiderman Lunge with Reach continues to combine hip movements with upper back/shoulder movements, plus you are loading the shoulders with your hands on the ground.

The rock backs include neural mobility, which is often

  • overlooked
  • a huge limiter for ROM

To maximize the results of ANY mobility movement, let out a FULL exhale at the end range of the movement

Flow #3: Bridge with reach + inch worm with reach

The bridge helps you get some glute activation, and this can help loosen up the tightness in the front of the hip. A common complaint area.

The inchworm also forces you to support your weight with your hands, which improves shoulder stability and strength.

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