Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip mobility is really “IN” right now. Here’s 3 of my favorite hip mobility exercises that require zero equipment and can be done literally anywhere. They move the hip through an entire ROM, and can be the perfect complement to other postural exercises people want because they sit too much.

3 Best Hip Mobility Exercises:

  1. Kneeling Hip CARs
  2. Hip Flip + Extension
  3. Lunge to Cossack

#1 Kneeling Hip Mobility CARs

CARS means “combined articular rotations.” These are a great hip mobility exercise for isolating and controlling the motion at the hip, as well as moving the hip through motions you never go through.

#2 Hip Flip + Extension

The focus on this hip mobility exercise is hip internal rotation. If you experience pain, just lean back. You can also use your arms on the ground to assist with the extension.

For more on hip internal rotation, see our post on piriformis syndrome.

    #3 Lunge to Cossack Hip Mobility Drill

    This hip mobility exercise combines elements of each of the above, as well as moves you through space in multiple directions. You are still getting all the rotation through the hips, just this time the feet are on the ground.

    Best Way to use Hip Mobility Exercises

    These hip mobility exercises can be done as a circuit anytime you need to get the blood flowing, or can be used as a warm up before your normal exercise

    Combined with a great hip strengthening program, you’ll have everything you need.


    I don’t have nor need anything creative to say here. Get up and do these hip mobility exercises.

    Need ideas?