Shin Pain When Running?

Getting shin pain when running is a nightmare for high level runners and casual joggers alike, Shin splints are a stress reaction along the tibia due to weakness usually in the arch and lower leg. If you deal with shin splints you likely deal with or have dealt with plantar fasciitis. To fix that issue, go here. When you run, the force has to be transmitted somewhere and if the arch is weak it then goes to the medial tibia.

How Do You Get Over Shin Pain When Running?

To treat shin splints you want to strengthen the arch (bottom of foot) as well as the lower leg musculature. The stronger you are, the better you will be able to handle the forces of running. This is how to fix shin splints:

  • Strengthen the plantar fascia (link)
  • Strengthen the tibialis anterior
  • Decrease running volume

Strengthen The Plantar Fascia

  • This exercise allows the plantar fascia to be loaded through a full, lengthened ROM
  • Begin this exercise double legged for 3 sets of 20
  • As this gets easy progress to single leg for the same rep scheme
  • When this becomes easy then weight can be added
  • Complete this 3x a week

Strengthen The Tibialis Anterior

  • These exercises allow for the tibialis anterior to be loaded properly
  • The Kettle Gryp can convert dumbbells into kettle bells to make the exercise possible. You can purchase this here
  • The Tib Bar allows for progressive overload via weighted plates. You can purchase the Tib Bar here
  • A kettle bell works as well
  • If you don’t have access to any of these, there is a bodyweight demonstration below
  • Perform 3 sets of 12. Add reps before you add weight
  • Complete this 3x a week

Run Less To Reduce Shin Pain

The other solution you don’t want to hear is to run less. A similar issue related to too much running volume are stress fractures. Learn about them here.

Too many people start too ambitious and their body just isn’t up to par. This doesn’t mean to stop running. Start with decreasing volume by 20%. If you were running 5 miles, drop to 4

Shin splints are something you can run with as tolerable. As long as the pain is a general area you’re fine. If it gets bad enough and localizes to a single point, congratulations you now have a stress fracture and get to sit for a few weeks

The best fix for something that hurts is to almost always strengthen it