How To Strengthen Your Legs At Home

Although it seems complicated, working out at home is very simple and it can be done with minimal equipment. Here is how to strengthen your legs at home without any equipement. As a physical therapist, many of my patients have no desire to go to a gym, so I’ve had to get creative in designing home exercise programs. Here’s exercises I typically prescribe and can be done by people at any level.

Be sure

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How to Strengthen Your Legs at Home

  1. Slider lateral lunge
  2. Slider RDL
  3. Kickstand sit to stand

#1 Slider lateral lunges for hip and quad strength

Legs are easy to strengthen at home, and the best way to do that is with single leg exercises. I recommend a furniture slider, but really anything that helps you foot slide on whatever surface you have at home works.

The great thing about single leg exercises is they can be done for people at ANY fitness level. You can make these easier by:

  • less range of motion
  • holding onto something for support

You can make these home leg strengthening exercises harder by

  • moving slower
  • putting a weight in one hand
  • putting a weight in 2 hands

Endless possiblities and it grows with you.

2-3 sets of 10-15 reps, even a set of 20 when you feel frisky.

#2 Slider RDLs for posterior chain and leg strengthening

RDLs are the ONLY hamstring strengthening exercise you need. There are multiple variations, but I find this to be the simplest. Just like the slider lateral lunge, it can be used for any ability group, and weight can be added to keep progressing your home leg strengthening at home.

He’s holding a weight but you don’t need that, at least to start.

People like single leg variations like in our hip strengthening guide, but I think too many people waste time trying to balance versus actually strengthening the hamstring.

2-3 sets of 6-20 reps

#3 Kickstand Sit to stand for leg strengthening

You can use a box but this also works with a chair. This is a more advanced move but I have my 80 year old mom doing this exercise as a staple for strengthening her legs at home.

One foot forward (the kickstand) means the leg farther back is doing more of the work. The more forward the front leg, the more work the back leg is doing.

When that’s too easy, just pick that leg up off the ground.

Still too easy, do it with no legs on the ground

Alf making joke about strengthening your legs at home

2-3 sets of 10-15 reps

Equipment Needed to Strengthen Legs at Home

Bare minimum things you need for working out at home

  • something that slides on your floor (towel, magazine, furniture slider)
  • something chair height (chair, box, bench)

Eventually you could add weight if you find you are committed to this life, for that I’d recommend a set of adjustable dumbbells. Those can range from budget to premium (affiliate links below).

For high end stuff we like >>> Rogue Fitness. For more common items that are budget friendly, we use Amazon.

SlidersAdjustable DumbbellsBoxes
Furniture Sliders

CAP Adjustable Dumbbells

3-in-1 Plyo Box 20-18-16
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Wooden Plyo Box

How to Add weight to Home Leg Exercises

Once you get weight here’s 3 ways to load it up.

grip variations for home leg strengthening exercises

Pretty easy. The middle, 2 handed, is the hardest but requires you to have the most equipment (2 dumbbells)

The kicker of these exercises, when you have all the equipment in the world, they are STILL GREAT EXERCISES for strengthening your legs at home. Also these exercises are not much different than what we use when we rehab your injured knee.


Honestly there’s not much for me to say. Pick an exercise. Do 2 sets of 10 reps. Increase reps each session. If you have weight, add it. Make you legs stronger.