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Disc Golf Elbow Rehab 1.0

Disc Golf Elbow Rehab 1.0

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*Standard gym equipment is needed for our programs*

Inspired by Paul McBeth himself

 Why Choose Our Disc Golf Rehab Program?

 1. Effective Pain Relief: Our program focuses on alleviating your elbow pain from its root cause. Whether you're suffering from tendonitis, tennis elbow, or any other elbow-related condition. We believe that exercise is corrective and this is the focus of this program. 

2. Expert Guidance: Say goodbye to generic exercises that do more harm than good. Our team of experienced physiotherapists and sports medicine professionals found out what works and threw out the rest to ensure optimal results. 

3. Prevent Future Injuries: Our focus is not just on temporary relief but on long-term benefits. The exercises you do to rehab an injury are the same exercises you do to prevent an injury. You'll be equipped to prevent future injuries and maintain a pain-free lifestyle. 

4. Time-Efficient and Convenient: We understand that your time is valuable. Our program is designed to be time-efficient, fitting into your busy schedule seamlessly. You can add these exercises into your current training program 

5. Proven Results: We’ve worked with thousands of patients in our clinical practices. Our success stories speak for themselves, and we take pride in helping people reclaim their lives from debilitating pain. The same rehab we use for our patients is what you get here.

What's Included In The Program:

  • An 8 week rehab program consisting of 3 workouts a week 
  • A comprehensive set of targeted exercises demonstrated through easy-to-follow videos. 
  • Guides on how and when to progress from weight and reps
  •  Mobility technique to reduce pain 
  • Plyometrics to restore strength and function 
  • Compound movements to train the upper extremity as a total unit 
  • Pain RELIEF

Act Now and Reclaim Your Life!

Don't let elbow pain hold you back any longer. 

Your pain points have met their match, and a life free from discomfort awaits you. 

Don't let pain dictate your life any longer. 

Take action now, and let our Elbow Rehab Program fix your pain!

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