TB 500

TB 500 is one of the 2 primary wound healing peptides; BPC 157 being the other. There are several benefits to be had from using TB 500.

These will be discussed in this post as TB 500 is one of the best tools we have for sports medicine and rehab available to us. For a brief overview on how peptides work in general, click here.

What Is TB 500?

TB 500 is an artificial version of a natural compound called thymosin beta 4. It has been found to promote wound healing, muscle repair and vascular health. It works via improving the function and concentration of actin (source) as well as promote angiogenesis. Actin works to main cell structure and movement

It was initially used in horse racing to give race horses a massive advantage. It was banned for this purpose, which is how the interest in human consumption came about.

What Are TB 500 Benefits?

  • Tissue regeneration – Improves the rate of tissue healing via angiogenesis and cell migration
  • Heart health – TB 500 has been shown to promote repair to cardiac muscle after damage from any number of events (source). Additionally, by reducing inflammation, it helps to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis
  • Connective tissue remodeling – Tb 500 improves collagen structure; which in turn reduces scarring after a soft tissue injury. Less scarring means better healing and less risk of re injury
  • Anti-inflammatory – TB 500 has been shown to function as an anti-oxidant. There is also data to suggest it can treat non alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice. Reduction in chronic inflammation is key for preventing most diseases. Acute inflammation is a good thing. Read more here.
  • Metabolic health – Several studies show that TB 500 can improve blood glucose and increase insulin sensitivity. There have also been improvements in triglyceride levels
  • Improved vascular function – Promotion of endothelial cells helps to maintain or restore blood vessel function.
TB 500 therapeutic benefits

Side Effects

Although generally tolerated extremely well, there are some side effects, as with any medication

  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Injection site pain/infection

Is It Safe?

The FDA has yet to evaluate TB 500 for safety. This does not mean it is not safe to use

In all human trials to date, there have been minimal side effects as a result of TB 500 usage. All subject demographics tolerated it extremely well. There has yet to be any dosage that has been deemed to be toxic

    How To Experience TB 500 Benefits

    Where To Buy

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    How To Use


    We will not provide a step by step guide on how to use TB 500 or properly reconstitute it. We provide info on what is needed. It will be up to you to figure out the rest. The following is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only

    Equipment Needed

    You need the following to start:

    • 10 mL Bacteriostatic water
    • Insulin syringes (1cc/mLx29g) – 100x
    • Alcohol prep pads – 200x
    • TB 500 10mg vial – 2x


    The most common dosage for TB 500 is 5mg/week broken up into 2 shots separated by 3.5 days. This is most effectively administered via a sub cutaneous injection. TB 500 works systemically so the injection site does not need to be close to the site of pain

    A sample protocol would look somewhat as follows:

    • 2.5mg every 3.5 days
    • At this dose, the 20mg vial would last 4 weeks
    • Continue this as long as needed

    In summary

    TB 500 has many benefits, of which wound healing and connective tissue remodeling are the main concerns relevant to this site. As there is such a low side effect profile, the risk reward for peptides seems incredibly promising.

    Although the benefits seem incredible and promising, remember that human consumption of TB 500 is purely for research purposes only.