Best Shoulder Stability Exercises

Do you shoulders feel unstable? Feel like they are going to “pop out” or you’ve had a bunch of shoulder dislocations? Here are 3 of the best shoulder stability exercises to solve that. They require minimal equipment, can be done anywhere, and can be done in conjunction with your current program.

3 Best Exercises for Shoulder Stability

  1. Thoracic Bridge
  2. Crawling
  3. Half Turkish Get-ups

These 3, combined with a great mobility program and a basic strength routine will solve your shoulder issues.

#1 Thoracic Bridge

Good for: total shoulder stability PLUS hip extension

  • Start on hands and knees
  • Rotate and push THROUGH the ground, reach for the ceiling, push the hips up
  • try to keep the toes pointing forward
  • 2 sets of 30-60s

We put a lot of emphasis on thoracic extension, this exercise actually works the shoulder through all planes of the spine.

exercises need all motions for shoulder stability
Spine moves in MULTIPLE directions

#2 Kettlebell 1/2 Get up

Good for: Works both arms at the same time PLUS trunk strength

  • Look through the kettlebell handle the same way you’d look down the sights of a handgun
  • The foot on the ground PUSHES into the ground the entire time
  • Roll to your side, then PULL (with your hand) to your elbow
  • Lock the elbow, screw the hand into the ground (thumb should rotate away from you).
  • Drive the hips to the ceiling, return to the ground
  • Unlock the elbow, PUSH (with your hand) yourself home
  • 3 sets of 1, 2, or 3, as heavy as possible

A dumbbell works if you don’t have a kettlebell. Feel free to complete the full get up.

#3 Bear Crawl Exercise

Good for: your brain

  • Start hands and knees, step opposite hand/opposite knee (often screwed up)
  • Have the knee actually make contact with the forearm, pause for 1 second on each contact
  • Try no weight first before loading
  • 2 sets of 5-15 meters

Crawling is suppose to have some type of “crossover” effect on the brain. That’s a positive, plus you get the shoulder stability effect too.

How often to do Shoulder Stability Exercises?

Pick 1 and perform it daily. You can incorporate it easily by doing it:


You’ll notice that all good shoulder stability exercises also require a lot of work from the abs and the hips. This is because stability is a full body job, not just a shoulder joint. That (full body) and the ability to increase the intensity of the exercise are the keys to shoulder stability.

These are what we’d call “basic” stability exercises. You can progress to our more advanced shoulder stability exercises when you think you are ready.

Managing Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability has a few different causes

  • injury
  • overuse
  • genetics

Regardless of the cause, restoring CONFIDENCE in your shoulder is the key to managing your pain and disability.

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