Why The Normatec and Marc Pro Are King

Today we will discuss the king’s of passive recovery and improving circulation:

  • MarcPro – improves blood flow and speeds up recovery. This is a must have for passive recovery
  • Normatec – pneumatic compression to improve circulation. Also a must have

Marc Pro

The MarcPro is mobile and can be taken anywhere such as road trips and flights

The MarcPro stimulates nitric oxide enhancement which improves circulation downstream.

In addition, the MarcPro stimulates angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) which further
enhances blood flow by 25% compared to the unaffected limb.

Both of these biological processes help to improve healing and recovery


The Normatec should be a staple for reducing soreness and prepping for competition

Probably my favorite modality

It works via pneumatic compression via compartments so it pushes fluid out of the limb and
then lets it pool back in. This leads to a peak blood flow velocity of 200%

Some additional benefits of Normatec are the increase in fibroblast activity and improved
hemoglobin carrying capacity of RBCs. Both of these accelerate healing

Additionally, there is nothing better to reduce chronic inflammation in a joint then the
Normatec. You are able to see a visually substantial decrease in swelling after a single 30 minute treatment

In summary, both of these modalities allow for a great improvement in blood flow which increases healing in tissues. The best part is they can be done completely passively while working on other endeavors

For even greater recovery, these can be combined at the same time

Place the Marc Pro pads on and then slip into the Normatec. Start the Normatec prior to turning on the Marc Pro. As the compression begins it can increase the sensation of the Marc Pro. By doing it this way, you avoid a shocking surprise when the compression ramps up

Some additional modalities that help with circulation are cupping, scraping and dry needling. Read more about them here