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Hip and Lower Back Program 2.0

Hip and Lower Back Program 2.0

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*Standard gym equipment is needed for our programs*

Are simple daily tasks sometimes too much to bear? 

You sit too long. Your back hurts 

You stand too long. Your back hurts 

You want to break this cycle. We can help 

Back pain is not an IF, its a when, and 80% of adults will experience it at some point. 

It causes you to miss work. Your kid's soccer game. Going to the gym. 

The best tool to fight back pain - Exercise 

But you knew that. 

Many are often doing the wrong program, or NO program because they are afraid to move. 

This just makes it worse.

Why Our Program? 

We believe that exercise, when done correctly and in the proper dosage, is therapeutic 

As such, we’re gonna get you moving 

Say goodbye to boring exercises on a table that we both know aren’t helping 

Here’s how we’re different

  • Pain Management: Motion is lotion. We get you moving. This breaks the cycle you’re in. We introduce new ranges of motion to your back. This breaks the fear cycle and you realize you can move. 
  • Strengthening Exercises: Once pain is managed, the program will focus on exercises to strengthen the hip and low back. These areas are your foundation. If you restore function here, most of your body follows in line 
  • Flexibility Training: Here’s the kicker. Strength training done properly will improve your mobility better than stretching 
  • Functional Training: The program will also incorporate exercises that improve functionality. This helps prep you for all the random things you need to do pain free. Picking up your child with one arm off the floor or 
  • Progressive Overload: We challenge you. As strength and flexibility improve, the intensity and complexity of exercises are gradually increased. This helps to continually challenge the body and promote better adaptation to exercise tolerance; this reduces pain as well.

What You Get:

An expertly designed program from a back pain specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy

12 weeks of rehab

Step by step instructions in an easy to follow format

Exercise sessions you can perform on your OWN time

Improved posture and increased mobility 

Built in exercise progressions to continue to challenge you

Video demonstrations for each movement


Who is This Program For?


Whether you're a seasoned athlete, a desk monkey, an active retiree, or a busy parent, if you're dealing with persistent hip and low back pain, our program is for you.

Invest in Your Health, Reclaim Your Life!

Don't let your hip and lower back pain hold you back any longer.

Break free from the cycle of pain and discomfort. 

Remember, your health isn't a luxury - it's a necessity. 

Take the first step toward a pain-free life today!

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