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Knee Rehab + Plyos Bundle

Knee Rehab + Plyos Bundle

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*Standard gym equipment is needed for our programs*

Jumping is one of the most important abilities to have as a human

As an athlete you stand above your peers

Later in life? It sets you up for success long term

The loss of this ability is directly correlated to weakness and early death

Regardless of age, everyone should be able to jump

That's the purpose of this program:

We'll meet you where you are and restore your athleticism, and more importantly, your longevity

Sidelined by knee pain?

Missing out on PRs at the gym?

Or maybe you’re just too sore to play tag with the kids.

Nobody deserves to lead a limited life, and the New Knee Program can get you back out there.

You’ve tried all the gimmicks

Let’s get you some actual results

Inside you’ll find:

  • 10 weeks of progressive strength training to give your knee the support it needs
  • 4 weeks of plyometric exercises to get you athletic again
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise
  • RELIEF from your knee pain

We’ve seen it all over our combined 20 years of fixing people’s pains, and bundled it up in a no BS program that simply delivers results

If you’d like some custom tweaks and additional support for the program, check out our Knee Pain Cohort

Get back in the game

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