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Kobra Consult

Kobra Consult

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*Standard gym equipment is needed for our programs*

Initial video call

Weekly check ins (video or email) to assess your progress and make any adjustments

Includes rehab program + necessary customization based on YOU

Good for 1 calendar month from Initial Call

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great experience

Couldn’t recommend IHNM enough. From the regular plans to the tailored ones - everything is morning depth than any rehab program I have gone through.

Highly recommended rehab with Cobra

I came to Cobra with a torn hip flexor/labrum issue. Went from walking in pain to squatting and doing CrossFit movements. I can’t say enough about the rehab program and Cobra’s ability to address my injury.

From Hopeless To Healed!

Two years ago, I was an amateur kickboxer preparing for my first fight. Training twice a day, six times a week. One day I finished a routine sparring session, went home, ate, and went to sleep. The next day I couldn't lift my arm. Over the next two years, I would go through a potential surgery (I canceled at the last minute...THANK GOD I DID lol) two orthopedic specialists, three physical therapists, a round of steroid shots, and 6 rounds of PRP injections with little progress. I found Kobra & Bengal on Twitter and bought a consult with a hope and dream. I am amazed at the progress I was able to make in three weeks of running the shoulder program along with having Kobra make tweaks to my form and act as a virtual PT. I went from having shoulder pain and barely able to hold a 15 lb. dumbbell to being able to rep 25 lbs., do multiple sets of pushups, and more PAIN FREE. I wish I would've found Kobra from the beginning and saved my wallet and sanity.

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