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Plantar Fascia Treatment 2.0

Plantar Fascia Treatment 2.0

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*Standard gym equipment is needed for our programs*

1 in 10 people will experience plantar fasciitis in their lifetime 

And you end up trying a wide variety of treatments that aren't effective. 

Only to feel like you're stuck with it for the rest of your life. Never sure when it's going to flare up. 

You can't sit down for too long, then it hurts when you get up. 

You can't NOT sit down, then It starts to hurt after standing and walking. 

Our plantar fascia guide is the solution

It's the product from decades of...wait for it... 

Actually treating plantar fasciitis... in actual people 

People like 

- A Navy Veteran who was stressed about getting out and getting a new job, and concerned the treatments would take up too much of his time (it didn't) 

- An Army veteran who battled plantar fasciitis for 14 years but was still stuck using the WRONG treatment since no one told him there's a difference between CHRONIC and ACUTE PF

- An athletic director that "tried everything" without any success, and had his pain eliminated when we suggest night splints - something no one ever thought to tell him. 

We aren't going to lie - we didn't invent any of these treatments 

They've been around forever. But because we've treated PF soooo much, we understand WHEN to apply the RIGHT treatment. 

Otherwise you're wasting your time throwing the kitchen sink at a problem that doesn't require It. 

Time. wasted

What you get with this guide, besides getting rid of that knife stabbing you in the foot every morning:

  • What you need to do different if you have an ACUTE vs CHRONIC condition
  • The no shit truth on icing
  • How your foot is suppose to work and why its (maybe) causing your heel pain
  • Bonus info on Achilles tendinitis
  • A return to running segment from Bowtied Runner

The guide itself is yours for a whopping $20. That's how much it costs for gas to drive to see a physical therapist to pay a $50 copay. 

You can do the treatments on your own time, get better on your own time, get back to your life on your own time. 


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