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Shoulder Rehab 2.0

Shoulder Rehab 2.0

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*Standard gym equipment is needed for our programs*

Is Shoulder Pain Limiting Your Life?

You used to toss your kids in the air, but now can’t even put your seatbelt on without wincing. 

You used to be able to work out pain free, now putting on a shirt is a hassle 

Shoulder pain can restrict your life, making simple tasks difficult and turning what you enjoy into a fear. 

What if you didn’t have to live this way?

Does This Resonate with You?

  • Nagging Shoulder Pain: Do you feel shoulder pain all the time? Does it stop you from doing things you like or need to do? Does it hurt in a dull or sharp way? 
  • Reduced Function: Difficulty lifting, carrying, or even performing basic daily tasks due to shoulder weakness, pain or instability. 
  • Fear of Further Injury: Constant concern that any sudden movement may lead to severe pain or injury. 
  • Extended Recovery Time: Traditional methods that promise improvement but deliver slow or nonexistent results. 
  • Costly Treatments: Tired of your current PT running you through the mud, racking up bills, doing lame band exercises over and over only to not improve?

How Does This Program Tackle These Problems? 

1. Enhancing Strength & Mobility: With a focus on resistance and mobility exercises, we work towards rebuilding your shoulder strength and stability. Take back your confidence to move without the constant worry of pain or re-injury. 

2. Expedited Recovery Process: Our evidence-based methods aim to accelerate your recovery. Witness substantial improvement in weeks, not months. 

3. Economical & Accessible: No need for recurring, expensive physiotherapy appointments. With a one-time purchase, gain lifetime access to all program materials, including any future updates. Plus, enjoy the convenience of carrying out these exercises from your own home.

What's In Store For You?

  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials: Video guides to walk you through each exercise and technique, ensuring proper form 
  • 12 weeks of progressive strength and rehab program 
  • 2-3 sessions per week that fits into YOUR schedule 
  • Each session includes a warm up, mobility, and strength blocks 
  • Exercise variations to improve strength and mobility in different angles 

Reclaim Your Freedom!

Don’t let your shoulder pain hold you back from living life to its fullest. 

Gain the ability to perform everyday tasks with ease, participate in your favorite activities, and embrace a life without constant pain. 

Start on your path to recovery today!

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